Why I ditched Spotify.

It’s almost impossible to come across somebody anymore that hasn’t heard of Spotify. As streaming music and videos become more popular, so do the outlets we choose to utilize these services. We have Pandora, Spotify, Google Music, Amazon Music, Deezer, iHeart Radio, and much more to choose from, so how do you know which one is best? This is where my hunt came in.

Just to back up a little bit, I was a Spotify loyalist from almost the get-go. I loved using their streaming service because it had everything I needed. I started with the free subscription which allowed for a very Pandora-like experience. After I upgraded though, I fell in love. I could pick and choose almost any song on the planet (Except Taylor Swift at the time of course). I could make playlists for different activities I was doing like driving, working out, just hanging out with friends, or trying to fall asleep. Time went on and I didn’t stop. I couldn’t get enough.

Then came Google Music.

Google Music ended up being everything I wanted in a music player. It could play my locally stored music (the music you had saved on your device). I could stream music like I did with Spotify. It also came with something else I will get to here in a moment. The user interface was clean and elegant looking. I figured it was the same price as my Spotify subscription, so why not make the switch?

Once I activated my account, Google let me know something cool. When you pay for an account of Google music, you also get Youtube Red for free! I know, I was blown away too. No more pesky commercials before I watch a video, and I was then able to pull a video up, like a music video, and keep it playing in the background while I used my phone. I figured; “why pay for something that is only going to give me one thing when I could pay for one thing and get two things?” The logic was flawless in my own head.

Google Music also did a better job of finding more relevant music when I chose to play a radio station based on a particular song or artist. For some reason on Spotify, I couldn’t get Eminem to stop playing on my Sum 41 playlist. Generally, it seems to do a better job of keeping my music in the style in which I want to listen.

When it comes to the numbers, getting two things for the same price of getting one thing is generally better in my opinion. As of right now, you can get a free 30 to try it out. Head over here to download the app.

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