Star Wars Rivals review. 

If you’re into gaming, I’m sure you know of the Star Wars Battlefront 2 fiasco that basically allows those with more expendable income to win games. It’s not fair (cough cough EA Games) but regardless, the game is still fun.

We think that Disney needed a little bit of a bounce back in the gaming world, so they will be handing us Star Wars Rivals.

I got a special invite to be a tester for the game before launch, which obviously I had to take advantage of. Before we get into it though, a few things first; I don’t have an official launch date for you yet, but we will update when I get one. As of right now, it seems the game with be free to download and play but it does have an app purchases. The official Star Wars website says it will be available on Android, but that doesn’t mean at launch it won’t be available on iOS as well. Lastly, this isn’t a rip off of the Battlefront series. It’s it’s own game entirely.

So in a nutshell, this game is a simple one. You have a Hero that is trying to fight against another Hero. It’s a player vs player game, and you do get to play other players throughout the world. You can choose three characters to play with ( I usually chose Princess Leia, Luke Skywalker and the First Order Storm Trooper Commander) along with an extra set of soldiers to accompany you.

Once the match begins, you have 3 minutes to defeat the opponent as many times as possible. By winning matches, you unlock more characters, weapons, and crates filled with goodies. It’s pretty straightforward.

But it’s a Star Wars game so it can’t be absolutely perfect…right? One of the biggest drawbacks is that there is no controlling your players movements except moving from one place of cover to another. Basically you are moving left and right and hiding behind stuff. It sounds kind of lame at first, but for a non-console game, we weren’t too let down with it.

Hopefully, by launch, all of the bugs and kinks will be worked out and this can be their chance to redeem the Star Wars name in gaming. Let us know what you would like to see in the comments below!

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