5 apps to make money using your smartphone

It’s a scientific fact that everyone enjoys having money (we think…we aren’t scientists). We have compiled a list of the best ways to make money using your phone. While there are definitely more ways than this, we figured we could give you a head start.



Acorns is a simple. It rounds up the change that you don’t spend to the nearest dollar and invests it into certain stocks and bonds based on your wants in investments. If that didn’t make sense, here is an example: You spend $1.65 on coffee. Acorns will take the $.35 you didn’t spend and round the total to $2.00, investing that $.35 into different stocks and bonds.




Google Opinion Rewards


This app won’t make you actual cash into your bank account, but it will send you some spare change into your Google Play store account. They will randomly send you a notification letting you know you have a survey to fill out. By filling out the survey (which usually takes around 1-3 minutes), they will reward you with anywhere from $.03 to $2 into your Google Play account. This can be spent on anything from books to movies and apps. Definitely worth a download.





Uber is what is called a ride sharing app. It’s the same principle as a taxi service except for its everyday people like you and me. As a driver, you make money from the time you pick up the passenger until you drop them off. You can start at any time of day or night and end whenever you wish.



Walmart Savings Catcher


Using this app, you can scan your receipts after your shopping trip at Walmart. Once scanned, the app will search through ads at local stores around you to see if it can find any of the items you bought cheaper than what you paid. If it does find them cheaper, the app will give you the difference in cost on an eGiftcard to be used at Walmart.




Mobee Logo

This is one of my favorite apps. Mobee is an app that allows you to secret shop at places you already shop at. All you need to do is select a “mission” and follow the directions on the screen. By doing these missions, you will receive points which can be redeemed for gift cards to a lot of most of your stores!

Let us know in the comments if you have any more apps or ideas on how to make money on your phone!





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