Free Game Spotlight


Hard to believe we’re one full month into 2018 already! Which also means we’ve got four less weeks to bring you amazing free games.

This week, we’re bringing balance to the spotlight. No, seriously – Balance. (Click the link to grab it from the google play store)

A game that brings yet another slight brain challenge into the mix. The point is to bring power to the cities that have lost it.

It starts initially by just adjusting the power plants output to supply the city. Then you have to start designing the power grid to supply power. Once you get past the third stage, the game starts throwing more at you. Such as: Multiple outputs to one city in case the main supply chain gets interrupted, multiple chains to multiple cities, and fixing chains while supplying just enough power to not blow up the broken circuit.



Here again, we challenge you to beat our ranks on the first 7 levels. (3 stars on all 7 initial levels)
We’ll see you again soon!

  • Resident Super Nerd (Joe Gagliano)



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Joe Gagliano

I'm a 24 year old, tech advocate. The tech person in the family who fixes and upgrades everything. Currently turning my house into a smart home, google home controlled. I professionally build custom computers, and enjoy anything technology related. Smartphone of choice: Samsung Galaxy Note 8

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