The biggest differences between iOS and Android (and which one we think is best)

There is no doubt that buying a new phone is something that a lot of people don’t enjoy doing. There seems to be an overwhelming amount of handsets on the market right now, and trying to find the one for you isn’t always easy. Yes, there are some people that enjoy keeping the same device forever and there are those that like to explore. It’s pretty common knowledge that right now the two biggest dominators in the game is going to be an Android device or an iPhone. We have tried our best to assemble a solid comparison with a regular user to help you find out, using what is most important to you, which Operating system is best for you. If you’ve been following us, you know that I am a huge Android fanboy but I will do my best to keep this fair.

In this list, we will be comparing the following things:

  • Customization
  • Battery life
  • Apps
  • Accessories
  • Assistants
  • Software
  • Cost


A lot of experts will argue that this is the most hotly debated difference between the two Operating Systems (OS). iPhone is very closed off ecosystem while Android allows the user to have a hand in what their device looks like and how it operates. Some people will say they like the screen to be organized for them and some like to have things like widgets and apps where they want them on their home screen. On an iPhone, outside of changing your wallpaper and putting apps into folders, there really isn’t any option to make the device truly “yours.” Android will allow you to put things like pictures, social media news feeds, weather updates, stock updates, app folders, and calendars right on your home screen. The decision here isn’t a hard one.

Advantage: Android

Battery life:

This one is a little difficult to make a decision on. At the time of this being typed, I am using a Google Pixel 2XL as my daily phone which has a 3,520 mAh (milliamp hours) battery on it. The phone usually gets unplugged from the charger at around 6:30 a.m. and at the end of the day when I get back to bed to plug it in at around 10 at night I am usually settled around 35-45% battery life remaining. I am a pretty heavy user so take that into consideration. The closest iPhone to this particular device is the iPhone 8 Plus. That device has a 2,675 mAh battery on it. That handset is going to give you a 24% smaller battery on the iPhone over the Pixel 2XL. With all that said, iOS is a more simple software. It doesn’t require as much of an “engine,” if you will, to run. That is going to allow for more battery life. There is also a huge variance of Android devices in existence, which will play a contributing factor. One thing I have learned over time is that when it comes to battery life, buying a newer, more popular device will give you a better battery. (Ignore the Galaxy Note 7 Incident).

Advantage: Tie



What good is a smartphone without apps? It’s crazy to think that the original iPhone was launched in 2007 and the App Store was launched in 2008. THAT’S A WHOLE ENTIRE YEAR WITHOUT APPS! Fast forward to today, and you have the Google Play Store and the App Store, both still running strong. A whopping 2.8 million apps for Android and 2.2 million for iPhone is nothing to scoff at. Android dominates the realm right now by means of total overall downloads but for developers, Apple users are spending more money on apps and on in-app purchases. On a personal note, I think that the Play Store has a better layout and user interface than the App Store. Finding free apps or just games is easier and there is more information placed on the screen at once.

There is still a lot of hate thrown towards the Play Store when it comes to the actual developers of the apps. Back in the day, it didn’t take much to get an app thrown into the Play Store for anyone to download. This led to a lot of malware put into the apps that were harming peoples phones. Don’t worry too much, Google has tightened up security and these aren’t really threats we worry about anymore. Android is still going to give you the same quality of apps that you would come to expect anywhere else.

Advantage: Android


Think about the last time you saw someone without a case on their phone. It blew your mind! Luckily, with online retailers and those little kiosks you see in the mall, buying a case for your phone is extremely easy today. This, however, is all about accessories in general. Apple seems to dominate the world of mobile when it comes to accessories though. Why? Because they only have a handful of phones to make accessories for. Think about the Samsung or LG phones you see when you ride the subway or walk down the street. There are hundreds! This makes it harder for manufacturers to make multiple case opens or screen protectors. Apple only has a handful of phones in circulation at once, with only 2-3 announced every year. Plus, Apple got a headstart over Android in the smart phone realm. Speakers, Bluetooth, car audio, chargers, adapters, and cases all were focused towards Apple for most of the late 2000s. For this, we are going to hand the win over to Apple, but I can’t see it sticking around for too long.

Advantage: Apple


For this segment, we are talking Siri vs the Google Assistant. When Siri was announced, it completely changed the game. It added a whole new way to “be lazy” and make your phone work for you instead of you working with your phone. Obviously, Google very shortly afterwards had an answer: Google Now. It was no secret that Google not only did it, but they did it better. The voice was less robotic, it could accomplish more tasks, it’s web results were more accurate and faster, and it was more easily accessible. Fast forward to today and you have the Google Assistant vs Siri. It seems that Google has left Apple in the dust. I don’t know a lot of iPhone users that still utilize Siri anymore, but I can vouch that I use my Google Assistant every day.

Advantage: Android


Ah. The hard one. When it comes to software, there is a lot you need to look at. The look and feel. The speed. The user interface. iOS is no doubt a beautiful look layout. It’s very simple and elegant. Everything matches and the format is clean. For some, that is perfect. For others, it’s no fun at all. Android does have much different software depending on what device you get.

-The Main Man

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