I decided to create this blog in December of 2017. I absolutely love finding out and reading news about new tech things, especially related to the mobile device world, but I’ve found that a lot of these websites cater more towards the “geeky” or “nerdy” people that care more about hard stats than actual practicality in their daily lives. I’m hoping that I can utilize this to bridge that gap between the average daily user and the power user.

My goal is to entice the single mom to get that new gadget to help her calm her already crazy life. Maybe introduce a grandma to an app that helps her relate to her grandkids. Help a family with a busy schedule keep their lives organized. On here, along with the facebook page, we will be reviewing products, reviewing apps, and posting any important news or deals that we find. Be sure to give our page a like and keep your eyes peeled for new posts!