Meet the Staff

Here at 4th Floor Tech, we feel that it is important for you all to know that we are normal, everyday people, just like you. While we do tend to binge read articles on all things tech related and love tinkering with new toys and gadgets, we still have families and normal jobs. We want this page to be more of a community for all of us to grow and learn together. If you all have the knowledge of what we are really like in the normal world, it might make what we have to say a little more relatable.

Zachary Campbell

The Main Man


Zachary is the one with the original idea for the page. He realized that after years of many types of people asking questions about things that are tech related, his knowledge needs to be more readily available for anyone in any age group. “Every day we are surrounded by things in our daily lives that a lot of people are missing, just due to the fact that it isn’t shared.” He says.

He is 26 years old and currently serves in the United States Army. He is originally from Youngstown, Ohio but now lives in North Carolina. He has a background in sales and mobile technology after working in a retail sales store for multiple major phone carriers. His hobbies currently involve shooting, Disc Golf, and reading. His current phone is a Google Pixel 2 XL.

Joe Gagliano

Resident Super Nerd

Joe resides in the town of Jamestown, located in Western New York State. Zachary met him before he joined the Service on one of his business ambitions. A technology background really brought them together.

Joe was always interested in modern technology and has a natural knack for it. He also shares the idea of helping people understand the technology they use everyday and how it can impact our lives for the better. He is currently employed locally as a CAD Operator, a computer drafter. He strives to expand his current knowledge and is always on top of leading advances in multiple industries. Current hobbies include: Shooting (its a normal thing here), Detailing, gaming, and building professional high end computers. His smartphone of choice and personal daily driver, Samsung Galaxy Note 8 (with accessories to complement it such as the Samsung Gear 3 Frontier watch).