App Spotlight

This one goes out to all the movie goers, the theater lovers, the popcorn eaters, the ones who don’t use their cell during the movie, (surely this ends soon), and those who spend more money than they should going to the movies.

Let us Introduce you to…..Moviepass. Moviepass is a subscription service priced at $9.95/month, that (you ready?) Allows you one ticket a DAY, to go see any movie, at any theater! (However, they’re still working on that “any theater” part. Most theaters around you do accept it, and they’re adding more as we speak). Yeah, we know. One Ticket a DAY, every day, to go see any movie, all for $9.95/month!

How does it work? Well, its simple really. You simply sign up by clicking here, then wait for your Moviepass mastercard. There is no credit needed, it acts just like a debit card (it’s odd, but it works). It’s all linked to your account. Once your Moviepass card arrives, download the moviepass app and sign in. It will ask you to enter your card number and you’re ready to go. Once you arrive at your theater, open the app and select a movie. Ex,



Once you’ve selected your movie, pick your time and click check in. Your ticket is now on your Moviepass Mastercard! It’s that simple. Our Resident Super Nerd saw 7! Movies in the month of January. 7 movies. All for the price of one. It’s true, and it works while saving movie lovers a ton of money. Enjoy the money savings movie friends! Please leave us your opinion on this wonderful app.

– Resident Super Nerd